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Site development, underground utility construction, highway/road construction, demolition, environmental site assessments, for commercial, residential, municipal and industrial sites.
Country: United States

International services in transportation engineering, planning, assessments, and drivers license test systems. Located in Florida. we cater to a multidisciplinary group of agencies, driver license bureaus, attorneys, contractors, engineers, finance professionals, scientists, and a variety of governmental, tribal, and industrial clients. The ESRA team consists of an outstanding and independent group of engineers, scientists, and contractors.
Country: United States

ICE employs several road designers that can provide engineering services for highway design starting from feasibility studies, environmental impact assessments, road alignment design, pavement design, overlay design, design of interchanges, design for safety, design of construction management, traffic signal design, traffic simulations, safety audits, road drainage, supervision of constructions works, post construction monitoring and maintenance design.
Country: Albania

With 26 years experience in Building Services Design, ME7 Ltd is able to undertake designs for building services; mechanical, electrical, public health, fire protection and lifts to customers across the globe. Established in 2009, the business is situated in Ingatestone. ME7 also has an integrated renewables and sustainability unit called Energy RSU able to undertake energy modelling, assessments and all certification including energy statements for planning. ME7 supply designs, drawings, specifications or just advice on all aspects of building services design. Scope: Full and Performance Designs, Option Appraisal, Surveys, Contract Supervision, Cost Control, Feasibility and Energy Studies, Facility and Maintenance Management Support, Health and Safety, Project Management, Risk Assessment, Expert Witness and Trouble Shooting.

Access Solutions National Pty. Ltd. (ASN) is a flexible disability access consultants company that works collaboratively with organisations, providing specialist advice on disability related issues. We're committed to providing accurate advice and creative solutions to increase the opportunities for people with a disability. ASN has a ISO 9001:2000 compliant Quality Management System (QMS) integrated across the company's core business areas, which are: Product Development, Product Evaluation, Disability Access Consulting, Professional Development & Workplace Assessments. ASN provides a holistic approach to disability access related issues. ASN conducts: Disability Access Audits, Access Appraisals, Desktop & On-site DDA Audits, Awareness & Specific Trainings and Product Evaluations. Also ASN has products such as: Bodycraft Access X Press, Duo Bikes, Xcella Grip Gloves, and Custom builds equipment to increase accessibility.
Country: Australia

World Wide Accepted Energy Modeling, building performance software. IES is UK Based innovative company at the forefront of the development and application of powerful software simulation tools and consulting services for architects, engineers and others involved in the design, development and management of truly sustainable buildings. office at Glasgow, Dublin, Boston, San Francisco, Melbourne, Penang, London, Hamburg,Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Qatar,India The IES performance analysis software suite allows architects and engineers to facilitate a sustainable design process by offering quantitative feedback on the environmental performance of different design options. modelling, Day Lighting/Solar shading Analysis, CFD Airflow Analysis ,HVAC system Modelling, Design modelling integrated software. IES also offers a variety of automated credit assessments for the LEED-INDIA Green Building Rating System
Country: India

Since our founding in 1964, Wagner Hohns Inglis (WHI) has become one of the recognized leaders in resolving and mitigating construction disputes in the industry. For more than 45 years WHI has helped thousands of clients on cases representing billions of dollars. Whether assisting clients in negotiations of all kinds or bringing innovative solutions to contemporary construction problems, WHI is there with the answers. WHI's clients represent many of the nations leading law firms, building owners, developers, contractors, insurance and surety companies, architect, engineers, utility authorities and government agencies (town, city, state or federal). People are what WHI really "sells". Their time. Their skills. Their collectively enormous wealth of knowledge. Their commitment to professionalism and, consequently, to finding the very best solutions to a client's problems. Each of the firm's officers and senior executives have in excess of 30 years of experience in the construction industry and are nationally recognized experts in a variety of construction disciplines. WHI's full complement of multi-disciplined staff in construction, design, engineering, scheduling and cost disciplines are available to every client. Some of the services that WHI provides clients are: Construction Dispute Resolution and Claims Avoidance Delay Claims Analysis Construction Claims Analysis CPM Scheduling / BIM Scheduling / Construction Planning BIM Related Claims Analysis Construction Program Management and Construction Oversight Construction Defects Investigations and Inspections Cost and Productivity Assessments for Lenders & Owners Performance Audits Damage Calculations Value Engineering Construction Litigation, Mediation and Arbitration Support Construction Expert Witness Testimony Construction Education - Training / Seminars
Country: United States

Lumos & Associates is a regionally recognized, multidisciplinary consulting firm providing civil engineering, geotechnical engineering, planning, landscape architecture, traffic and transportation, water resources, surveying, GIS, materials testing and construction services to clients throughout Northern Nevada and Northern California. Lumos' specialties include Environmental Planning, Tribal Sovreignty, Mining, and Geographic Information Services (GIS). Within these specialties, Lumos provides services such as bicycle plans, BMPs, boundary surveys, cadastral surveys, CEQA compliance, closure plans, community design, compliance audits, construction administration, construction services, due diligence audits, ECP, EIA, EIR, EIS, environmental assessments, environmental impact statements, environmental monitoring, environmental permitting, environmental planning, environmental reporting, environmental resource inventories, erosion control best management practices, geochemical grid systems, geographic information systems, geophysical grid systems, GIS, global positioning system, GPS, ground water exploration, groundwater contaminant modeling, habitat mitigation, highway design, infrastructure evaluation studies, land use planning, landscape architecture, long range transportation plans, LRTPS, materials testing, mineral claim boundaries, mining, mining claim surveys, mitigation monitoring, natural resource baseline studies, natural resource studies, NEPA compliance, notices-of-intent, open space plans, parcel maps, pedestrian plans, property surveys, reclamation cost estimates, sewage disposal, sewage treatment, sewer system inventories, site characterizations, site investigations, slope studies, species mitigation, stream restoration, street design, streetscapes, subdivision maps, surveying, topographic mapping, topographic surveys, traffic studies, transit planning, transportation planning, tribal sovereignty, U.S. EPA general assistance program, update current zoning maps, viewshed studies, water balances, water quality best management practices, water resource planning, water rights, water system inventories, watershed analysis, wetland restoration, and WQIP. Lumos & Associates has offices in Carson City, Reno, Fallon, Tahoe, and Chico, each with a full range of engineering and surveying services. Lumos' Carson City, Reno, Fallon and Chico offices have fully equipped materials testing laboratories.
Country: United States

At Weigand Electric, Inc., we do quality work and meet or exceed code requirements while achieving our goal of completing the project. George J. Weigand, the President and founder of Weigand Electric brings a strong work ethic to his position along with a long history of customer service. Our Brookline Electrician services provide high reliable quality in Electrical Repairs, Smoke Detector Installation, Lighting Installations, Indoor Lighting, Panel Upgrades / Replacements, Outdoor Lighting, Whole House Wiring, Generators Installs / Repairs, House Alarm Systems, Phone / Data Cable Installation, Electric Car Charger Installation, Air Conditioning, Heating, and Furnaces. WEIGAND ELECTRIC, YOUR LOCAL ROSLINDALE ELECTRICIAN At Weigand Electric, Inc., we do quality work and meet or exceed code requirements while achieving our goal of completing the project the customer wanted done and we explain what we did and why. We take pride in our work and leaving a place as clean as or cleaner than when we first arrived. Safe Electrical Work Matters Before I was an electrician, I was a professional fire fighter, and I saw the problems that poor electrical workmanship caused, such as: Water leaking into electrical panels, coming in from the service entrance wire not being properly installed More than one wire on a circuit breaker because someone did not want to spend their time to put in another breaker. Lights flickering Outlets that did not work The wrong type of breaker put into a panel voiding the UL listing Worst of all, fire damage to a home or building caused by improperly done electrical work that was never inspected When I speak with new (and potentially new) customers, I always ask them why they initially chose the 'other electrician', and they always say the same thing: He was the lowest price. When I ask them why they did not call him back, again, I always hear the same answers: He was too hard to get along with, he never returned our calls, and he never finished the work. At Weigand Electric, we work hard to be competitively priced, and we are proud of our customer service. It is important to us, that you feel comfortable having us handle your Roslindale electrical projects, you are pleased with the end result and confident that you would use us again. ABOUT OUR ROSLINDALE ELECTRICAL SERVICES - WEIGAND ELECTRIC George J. Weigand is the President and founder ofWEIGAND ELECTRIC. He brings a strong work ethic to his position along with a long history of customer service. George Weigand served in the United States Airforce in Northern Italy. He received an early promotion from private to senior airman through hard work and dedication to his job. He carries this ethic with him as his many customers will tell you. After completing his fourth year in the military, he was honorably discharged 1n 1987. George began his civilian career as a professional firefighter in the Merrimack Fire Department in 1987. In 1990, he joined the Nashua Fire and Rescue in the City of Nashua, New Hampshire. While on duty in Nashua, George received the "Firefighter of the Year Award" for saving the life of an unconscious victim when he rescued her from a burning building. While serving full-time as a firefighter, George pursued his desire to learn the electrical trade. During his time off, he studied and worked for many years as an electrical apprentice. He noted that some electricians were not very thorough in what they did. He saw the results of "cutting corners." He determined that he would never cut corners, even if it meant he had to lose the work. George served with the Nashua Fire and Rescue until he hung up his coat and helmet in the summer of 2006. A job well done is what George prides himself on. He had seen so much tragedy in the way of avoidable fire loss caused by faulty electrical work, that he was inspired to enter the field and do a safe and effective job whether in the way of inspection, installation or repair. George knows the business and has down the "nuts and bolts" of the fire safety and electrical business in Roslindale. After receiving his Journeyman license, he worked for a fire alarm company installing and repairing commercial fire alarm systems. Today, he is working closely with several real estate agencies in providing timely inspections, electrical safety assessments, electrical repairs and installations of code compliant smoke detectors pursuant to the recent changes in the law. His mission is simple: "To provide the customer quality code-compliant work at a reasonable price backed up with a strong work ethic and excellent service." We Provide the Following Electrical Services in Roslindale Electrical Repairs Smoke Detector Installation Lighting Installations Indoor Lighting Service Change / Panel Upgrades Outdoor Lighting Whole House Wiring Generators Installs / Repairs Bathroom Exhaust Fans House Alarm Systems Phone / Data Cable Installation Electric Car Charger Install Air Conditioning
Country: United States